Sample Reports

We provide online access so our clients can view their portfolio and it's performance any time, any place.  Below are a few examples of reports available to our clients in paper format and/or online:

  • Performance Report - View performance for each account and/or your entire household. 
  • Performance Report - For clients in the withdrawal phase and utilizing our "bucket" approach. This report also breaks down your returns on your short term, mid term, and long term investments.
  • Financial Plan - Are you on track to meet your goals?
  • Social Security Analysis - After reviewing all the possible strategies side by side, this customized report gives the client the recommended strategy with precise information on what to file and when.
  • Tax Information Report -  Consolidated report which shows realized gain/loss, income, dividends, interest, and fees.
  • Monthly Statement - Sent to the client from their custodian (Schwab, TD Ameritrade, etc.)

Free Financial Review

We offer a complimentary review meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.

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