Retirement Management

Over the years, our team of CFPs, CPAs, and attorneys has helped hundreds of retirees properly execute IRA rollovers, Roth conversions, and tax-wise retirement distribution strategies. Creating an optimal retirement strategy revolves around prudent investment management, quantified spending habits, reducing debt, and intelligently planning for taxes.  We cover all of these areas and more for you with the Align Retirement Income Planning System.

Utilizing our Retirement Income Planning System, we take the specifics of your particular situation (assets, goals, dollars, and deadlines) and run them through a series of stress tests using real long term capital market data.  Basically, we're applying the science of probability analysis in order to create your customized retirement income plan. And in doing so, we come up with what we call your Confidence Assessment. This process subjects your goals and investment strategy to a form of 'stress testing' which simulates thousands of different market environments, based on actual capital market data (from really good to really bad). Your resulting Confidence Assessment is the percentage of the thousands of simulations that exceed your goals. This is essentially the same process used by leading pension plans to determine if they are over- or under-funded at any given point in time.  And, for you, it's like looking at thousands of possible future lifetimes, based on all known market history, in order to determine the most appropriate investment strategy for your unique set of circumstances.

When you engage in Align's Retirement Income Planning System, you will experience the peace of mind and confidence of knowing that you will enjoy a plentiful retirement income stream without any real concern of ever outliving your money.

Retirement planning is only a portion of the overall Advanced Planning process we execute with each client.  To learn more, click here for a sample retirement income plan.