Meet the team

The value we deliver is a direct result of our team culture – a team of financial experts. Your team of financial experts working together with and for you. To learn more, download our 'Who We Are' brochure.

Yes, at the core of our culture, you'll find living, breathing people: Brian, Dennis, Darlene, and Debbie. And, although you'll get to know each of us well you'll work with our entire team. As a team, we can bring all of our energy, expertise, and extensive professional credentials to bear on your situation. And, because we work solely for you, we are free to develop broad strategic relationships with the best and brightest wealth management experts in areas where specialization will add value to your unique situation. The results? Our objective, exceptionally-valued Align team that is Client Focused. Period.

The Team

Brian Puckett
CFP®, CPA/PFS, Attorney at Law
Dennis Packard
Certified Financial Planner™
Darlene Eisel
Client Services Manager
Debbie Stanley
Client Services Associate

Align's Extended Wealth Management Team

We are in regular communication with some of the most respected financial professionals in the world.  For instance, while our asset allocation decisions are always customized for you and your particular situation, they are derived from decades of academic research and "best ideas" culled from strategic relationships that we have cultivated over the years. 

By way of example, we are in continual communication with our strategic partner, Forum Financial Management, LP (Forum). Forum is a Registered Investment Advisor with more than 70 financial advisors (including CFP® professionals, CFAs, CPAs, and attorneys). Forum provides Align and our clients a deep bench of highly credentialed professionals with decades of experience across portfolio management, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance analysis and income tax planning. Importantly, like Align, Forum is engaged in delivering wealth management services in the real world to real clients. Throughout the years, our ability to freely share ideas with other successful wealth management firms has proven extremely valuable to our family of clients. To learn more about Forum, visit

Another member of our extended research alliance is Dimensional Fund Advisors (Dimensional or DFA). Dimensional has forged deep working relationships with some of the world's brightest financial thinkers. Nobel laureates and renowned professors in portfolio & economic theory from the likes of Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, Dartmouth, and Wharton sit on Dimensional's board. By leveraging our strategic alliance with Dimensional, we are continually researching tomorrow's solutions today. This works in a continual feedback loop:

  • Academic leaders in the field of asset pricing find new sources of return in advance of the industry.
  • Align custom builds portfolios for clients.
  • Align provides feedback to these financial scientists for further testing and enhancements.
  • Empirical research becomes more relevant to practical investing, and practical investing is backed by solid theory and economic knowledge.
  • This continual feedback loop supports our primary aim of helping you make the most of your one financial life.

To learn more about Dimensional, visit
For a white paper on DFA, click here.

Of course, Align Wealth Management is not a "research only" firm.  Our clients depend on us to deliver results, and our dedication to sound empirical research fosters our ability to deliver efficient and elegant investment solutions to you. You'll own a well-balanced portfolio that is specifically aligned with your goals and objectives. The end result? You'll worry less about your money so you can focus on other, perhaps more important, areas of your life.

Align Wealth Management can make this happen for you. This is our passion – this is what we do.